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I don’t know why Abio Angels get such hate, so here is some Abio Angel Love! I saw one at Dollism, he looked Fabulous!

Image by BJDConfessions

They’re really cute :D The Yi at dollism is indeed fabulous a fabulous Yi, with a fabulous owner :3 

I also have a Yi :3 

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I keep listening to Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” on repeat. What the hell is wrong with me?

Nothing against Nicki, but it’s totally not my normal genre. But it’s catchy, amirte?

Now that “Chandelier” songs needs to be permanently muted. It hurts my ears.

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I think I now understand why some people stop taking their antidepressants. One day on these things, and I’m already feeling worse than when I was off them.

Of course, I know the potential benefits outweigh this temporary terrible feeling, so I’m going to plug along. Wish me luck.

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There is a mentally ill woman starting to rant on the other side of Starbucks. Now she’s starting in about God and the ‘evils being gay’. I think they just told her to leave. That, or she just left on her own volition. I kind of missed what happened because I was writing this.

For a brief moment, I thought I was in the Tim Hortons across the street…

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Dollism - Buffalo, New York
Our Dollies on the Couch.

Leviathan is a Doll in Mind Lloyd and Malaphar is a Spiritdoll Tan Jade Boy

Souldoll Liddell (Kelly Knight ) and Dollzone Mo- (Kafele DeBeeb)

The Dragon are Frosty and Hot Sauce from Worms and Bones.

The Red Heads are:
Asher- Elfdoll Red
(Purple shirt) looking so handsome!!
Benjamin - Dollkot Kiss
Tousled Curly Red headed cutie
Little Jay
DOB Libra
((little cutie in the hoodie))

Actually, Benjamin is a Kid Delf Ttori. His older incarnation (Sami, who wasn’t at Dollism with me) is a Dolkot Kiss.

(via highpriestessice)